4 Important Growth Mindset Tips for Gymnasts

Gymnastics is a sport that requires continued growth physically and mentally.  Just as soon as you master one skill it is time for the next.  Gymnastics also requires you to believe in your abilities to continue to grow, improve, and tackle new challenges.  Growth in the sport of gymnastics doesn't always come easily, it requires picking yourself up when you are down and continuing to work hard.  Here are four tips to help gymnasts practice growth mindset.  

1. The Power of Yet 

When you are struggling to master a new skill practice the power of yet.  Instead of saying, "I can't do a kip," try saying "I can't do a kip, yet."  By adding those three little letters you are changing from a fixed mindset, the belief that your abilities cannot change, to a growth mindset.  Just because you have not accomplished a skill yet, doesn't mean that you should stop trying or give up.  1-1

2.  Hard Work 

Hard work is a requirement in gymnastics.  Understanding that working hard can change your outcome is crucial.  Strength, flexibility, and skills can all improve when you work hard to achieve a goal.  In gymnastics and life it is important to recognize and acknowledge your weaknesses and then work hard to develop habits to turn them into strengths.  For example, if you know that flexibility is a weakness then you should set a goal to spend five extra minutes a day working on it in order to turn your weakness into a strength.  


3. Resilience

Gymnasts are nothing if not resilient.  Gymnastics teaches you to fall and get right back up again.  Falling is a natural part of the sport it is how you handle a fall or setback that makes the difference.  Gymnasts with resilience  will view setbacks and failures as an opportunity to grow and improve.  They will be up for challenges and able to tackle anything that comes their way. 


4. The Process

Gymnastics, like life, is a process it is not how you end the season or the results of one competition.  Having a growth mindset in gymnastics is about understanding that every turn, every practice, every memory is part of the journey.  It is understanding that what you do today effects how you perform in the future.  It is about chasing a dream, but loving the entire process that gets you their.  


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