5 Fun Art Activities for Two Year Olds

Coming up with ideas to keep a two year old occupied can be challenging.  Here are a few art activities to try.  These activities will not only be fun but they will work on fine motor skills and provide an opportunity to do a calm activity with your crazy toddler.  

5 Art Activities for Two Year Olds

1. Play-Dough

  • Supplies: Play- Dough and Cookie Cutters
  • What to do: Use cookie cutters to make shapes.  Roll the play-dough into snakes.  Make a ball.  Create letters.  Flatten the playdough.  Use your index finger to poke holes in the play-dough.  
  • Benefits: Builds hand strength.  Introduces new textures.  

2. Chalk Art 

  • Supplies: Chalk and a sidewalk or driveway 
  • What to do: Use chalk to draw lines and shapes.  Trace your child, add a face.  More ideas for sidewalk chalk
  • Benefits: Shape recognition.  Develop skills for holding a writing utensil.  
    Sidewalk Chalk

3. Painting with Cars 

  • Supplies: Washable paint, paper, and toy cars
  • What to do: Pour a quarter dime size amount of paint on the paper.  Use the cars wheels to spread the paint across the paper.  Create lines, circles, and zig-zags with the wheels.  Add another color and create more tracks.  
  • Benefits: Color recognition.  Writing readiness.  
    Painting with Cars

4. Painting with Marbles 

  • Supplies: Washable paint, paper, cardboard box, and a marble 
  • What to do: Put the paper inside a cardboard box.  Add a dime size amount of paint to the paper.  Drop a marble into the box.  Shake the box to roll the marble through the paint and across the paper to create lines and patterns.  More on how to marble paint.  
  • Benefits: Writing readiness.  Concentration and focus. 

5. Stickers

  • Supplies: Stickers and paper or a sticker book 
  • What to do: Help your child peel the stickers and stick them to the paper.  For variety, draw a line or shape and have them place stickers on it.  Try using different colored stickers and sorting them.  Or use a sticker book and match the sticker to the correct shape.  
  • Benefits: Pincer grip practice.  Visual awareness. 

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