Forward Progress at Pinnacle Gymnastics

Over the course of the last 12 years, we have purchased new and used equipment to accommodate the growing needs of our program.  We pride ourselves on having the highest cleanliness, safety, and quality equipment for our athletes.  With great equipment, we are giving our athletes a competitive edge against competition.

Our most recent upgrade involved our team beams.  Pinnacle has four high beams for our team athletes that range in age.  While the legs of the beams are in great shape, the padding and covers have seen the end of their useful life.  When evaluating our recovering options, we stumbled across the new AAI Elite air padding system.  This system is the same padding that is in the beams our athletes compete on at off site competitions.

Last week, our equipment supplier travelled to Kansas City to perform the recovery.  Within hours, all four of our beams were sporting the new air pads and new covers.  Our athletes were thrilled to try out the new beams!

This most recent upgrade is just one of the many upgrades heading to Pinnacle soon. We look forward to continuing our equipment and facility upgrades as our customer base continues to grow! Cheers to the next chapter.

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