Preschool Gymnastics Drills

Preschool Gymnastics Drills

In the past couple weeks, our preschool lesson plans used regular equipment in different ways. These drills have kept preschoolers excited to learn gymnastics. Check out these fun ways to incorporate variety into your preschool gymnastics lesson plans. 

preschool gymnastics drills

Safety Falls During Direct Instruction

Safety falls are not only important in the sport of gymnastics, but they can also be used in everyday life. During a safety fall, gymnasts cross their arms across their chest and fall back.  Make it a game during direct instruction!  Have the coach lift an 8-inch mat to stand vertically and the gymnasts stand with their backs against it. Once all the gymnasts are standing against the mat they cross their arms by “giving themselves a hug” and the coach lets the mat fall. Gymnastics classes for kids will fill with laughter and excitement while they fall. This drill is great for learning safety falls because it’s fun, engaging, and different.

Skin the Cat in the Fitness Wheel

Another drill that has been a hit with our preschool classes is ‘skin the cat’ in the mini Fitness Wheel. Instead of using it as a trampoline, the mini Fitness Wheel is inflated and set upright against the wall. Gymnasts climb into fitness wheel and hold onto the top handles. Depending on the skill level, gymnasts can use the mini Fitness Wheel wall to walk feet up and over. The mini Fitness Wheel helps the children complete the skill which allows the coach to spot a different skill. Setting the mini Fitness Wheel upright adds more variety to preschool lesson plans.

Who Doesn’t Love the TumblTrak?

A 10 foot TumblTrak trampoline is a mobile piece of equipment.  It can be easily moved to different areas of the gym with just four people. Try moving the TumblTrak to a new location to add variety to your lesson plans!  Gymnasts will get a chance to practice jumps, hopscotch, and hurdles by using the trampoline. Having the trampoline included in lesson plans creates an energetic environment. 

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By using equipment in different ways gymnasts are engaged during class and are having fun while learning skills!

Happy Training!

Claire Gordon

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