Top 4 Benefits of Ninja Training for Kids

Top 4 Benefits of Ninja Training for Kids

Ninja training is growing in popularity in large part due to the amazing feats featuring on American Ninja Warrior.  However, ninja training is more than just a TV show.  It is now accessible to kids and adults of all ages.  So why should you consider ninja training for your family?

1. Spatial Awareness

A key benefit of ninja training is spacial awareness.  Ninja students must understand the obstacle, where it lies in comparison to their body, and how to move their body to conquer it.  Learning through trial and error allows young ninjas to discover exactly where their body is and needs to be at any given point in time.  Have a child that can't seem to stay in their own space?  Sign them up for ninja so they can get a feel of where their body is and how to control it.  benefits of ninja training for kids

2. Increased Agility

Agility not only plays a role in sports of all types, but also helps prevent injury.  Students that practice side to side motions train their muscles to turn in new directions. By increasing the strength of joints, students are decreasing the risk of injury, including sprained ankles.  In addition, benefits of ninja training transfer into other sports.  Think of how the slanted steps encourage soccer players to juke around the opponent, or how launching up to the warped wall might improve one's lay up.  Ninja training is an amazing supplement to sports of all types

3.  Improved Balance

Many ninja obstacles involve balance.  As opposed to the quickness and agility you might use on the slanted steps, balancing across the warrior log or domino blocks creates a new type of challenge for young ninjas.  Have a child that you call clumsy? Sign them up for ninja class and see their coordination improve! 

benefits of ninja training for kids

4. Learn To Fall Safely

Ninja obstacles are not easily conquered on the first try.  Ninja students must try and try again (ok, the #5 benefit is perseverance).  When students enter class, they are taught how to fall safely, whether from a rope, bar, or obstacle.  Falling is important in everyday life and benefits students on the playground, soccer field, and every where they play!

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