The Benefits of Taking Multiple Classes Each Week

The Benefits of Taking Multiple Classes Each Week

"When will my child learn their back handspring?" That is a much more difficult question to answer than you might think. I was watching a KU game the other night and one of the players got fouled and was put on the Free Throw line. (I am not a basketball player, but..) He shot and missed. The announcer talked about how he is a 52% free throw maker and I thought to myself...MAN! I am so glad that my kids/athletes are not 52% back handspring makers! While I do not want to downplay how difficult basketball is...the major preface of the game is shooting the ball into the hoop. Standing still at a measured distance away seems like it should be the easiest part of the whole game yet there are many great basketball players that miss this shot all the time. One would think that with all the practice time they put in, that most collegiate level players should be well above an 80-90% shot maker, let alone the pros.

The Benefits of Taking Multiple classes

Gymnasts Require a High Hit Percentage

Why do I start my tumbling blog with a basketball analogy? Good question. I often use other sports or activities to teach concepts to athletes. If you want to be a good free throw shooter what do you need to do? That's right shoot free throws. Practice is the key to success. As of this writing, basketball season has just started which also means that competitive cheerleading, competitive gymnastics, and all-star cheerleading are in season as well. Many competitors will have stress about getting that new trick, performing that new trick or struggling with that new trick. It takes a ton of practice to get that new trick correctly.

Benefits of multiple classes

Practice Makes Permanent

Most competitive sports practice multiple times a week, which is great up to a point. When it comes to classes, recreationally, Tumbling Classes are not always something that can be taken multiple times a week unless you are part of a team. A back handspring is a pretty complex move that can take multiple months to learn even the basics. So practicing this skill can be hindered if you do not have the ability to practice more than once a week. Since the skill is also somewhat dangerous, having the right conditions, i.e. spotter, matting, etc, can also be tricky. I would check with your qualified tumbling coach to see what options you might have to practice more often since it takes more than a ball and a hoop.

Here are some great ideas to practice tumbling more than once a week:

  • Many programs offer a multi-class discount
  • Look for a back handspring clinic
  • Find a day camp on days off of school
  • Check the calendar for an open training
  • Schedule a private lesson

All in all, remember that your athlete will get their back handspring when they have completed the necessary physical and mental training. Lack enough training on either part of that and you might run the risk of being a 52% skill maker...good enough for basketball, but for tumbling?

Coach Heath

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