Activities for Crawling Children

Activities for Crawling Children: Why You Should Start Young

Every parent learns the importance of enrolling their child in a physical activity.  There are many benefits, both mental and physical. However, most parents wait to enroll their child in an activity until they are already walking and talking. Many physical, or sports-related, activities (such as gymnastics classes for kidsare introduced around the age of two years.  Kids are missing out on crucial development opportunities if they are not introduced to a physical activity until they are already walking. Below are the top three reasons to enroll your crawling child in a physical activity.

activities for crawling children

1. Yummy Brain Development

One of the easiest ways to develop your child’s brain is to get them moving.  Pathways in the brains are created and strengthened through physical movement.  Motions such as army crawling or bear crawling will help your child with reading and writing in the future.  They’re learning to watch their hands as they crawl, and will be able to watch and track words as they’re reading and writing. 

2. Physical Development (Duh)

Getting your child moving and grooving as soon as possible can pay out in the long run. They will be healthier and happier little human beings.  Imagine the wonderful nap times they’ll have when their bodies and brains are worn out from all their activity.  Crawling up inclines (wedge mats), over obstacles (small rollies), and around objects (random mats and equipment) will strengthen their necks and spines.  Squeezing soft toys and bars will develop their hand strength, so they’ll be able to hold a pencil. The benefits of gymnastics can be enjoyed at a young age.

3. Social Development

 It is around nine months when your child has really developed their own unique personality. They are also making social and emotional leaps.  They may start mimicking other children and showing empathy.  A group physical activity is the perfect opportunity for them to start showing off their emotional milestones, and let them develop important social interactions.  Not to mention, it is a great opportunity for moms to get some socializing done as well. 

Activities for crawlers

Every parent wants to give their child as much of a head start as possible.  Every parent wants their child to be successful.  Starting a physical activity before your child starts walking is a fun and easy way to give them that head start.

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Happy Crawling! 

Carly Ritter

Recreational Director

Pinnacle Gymnastics

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