5 Things to Keep in Your Routine This Summer

Summer is upon us and I have been dragging my feet. I am generally a schedule oriented person. Do not look at my calendar, it might make you cry. However, I am looking forward to having a more flexible schedule.

During the school year, my kids are at two different schools, have different schedules at school, and each participate in multiple extracurricular activities. Not to mention the schedule I run myself, coaching 4 days a week, working 7 days a week, and maintaining my chaotic household.

I am excited for summer and the slightly less rigid schedule that it provides. My family will still need a routine, maybe just with less in it.

Here are 5 things to keep in your family routine this summer:

  1. Bed Time: Maybe bedtime gets pushed back by 30 minutes, maybe even an hour! But, maintaining a bed time schedule and routine will keep your kids well rested and help them fall asleep easier each evening.
  2. An Outside Activity: Summer is a great time to exhaust extra energy with fun in the sun. Load up on sunscreen and take off each week to something outdoors. Maybe it is Slip N Slide Wednesday, Picnic at the Park Thursday, or the pool on Saturday. Going outside gives the kids more freedom and keeps the house cleaner.
  3. An Inside Activity: The weather can be unpredictable in the summer months. Plan a weekly activity indoors that your kids will be able to enjoy regardless of what is going on outdoors. Even better, plan something where they can be separate from their siblings. Kids loving having things to do that are just for them. Even better, keep your kids in a learning setting with a gymnastics class!
  4. Time with Friends: Sometimes it is easy to forget that our kids have friends. Real friends that they talk to and care about. When school is out, the amount of time they get to see their friends drastically decreases. Schedule time for playdates or to get together with another family for a BBQ. Eat outside for easy clean up!
  5. Date Night: Carve some time out for yourself (and a loved one) to be adults. My husband and I play volleyball one night a week. We get to go out with our friends and leave the kids to have fun with a sitter at home. It is a win-win and helps keep everyone happy and fresh for the next day.

Happy summer to all!

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