5 Simple Ideas for Family Traditions

5 Simple Ideas for Family Traditions

Family traditions provide a source of identity. Traditions and rituals often tell a story about a family. Traditions can teach children where their family comes from or give insights into their culture or religious history. For example, my family always went to midnight mass. The midnight mass stems from the Irish culture.  Traditions can also serve as reminders of events that have shaped your family and your children. Perhaps, every year your family rents the same lake house and each time you go it reminds you of all your experiences you've had on previous trips. Family traditions can also create a family cohesiveness.  Studies have shown that families that engage in the frequent traditions report a stronger connection and unity than families that haven't established rituals together. Traditions change over time as your family grows but the core idea stays the same. 

5 Simple Ideas for Family Traditions

Here are some simple ideas for family traditions:

Create a Secret Handshake

It doesn't have to be a whole family thing. My husband and daughter have its cute and I enjoy seeing their smiling faces when they do it. Its something special just for the two of them.

Have a Question of the Day

Ask your kids one fun question everyday for a year and write down their responses. Then next year, you do it all over again asking the same questions and see how their responses change.

Schedule a family game night

Schedule a Game or Movie Night

We do this over the weekend. We change it up pending on what everyone is in the mood for.  Try Trivial Pursuit Family Edition for trivia lovers or Eye Found It for non-reading children.

Kids Make Dinner Night

Now granted you're not going to have your 3 year old make dinner, but they definitely like to help!  When they are little you have to respect the mess, but as they get older it's a fun way to empower them. They get to choose what they make and it can be a great bonding experience

Take a family walk.-2

Take Family Walk or Bike Ride

Sometimes everyone needs some fresh air.  Get outside and take a stroll around the block.  To make it even more exciting, take an evening walk with one of the constellation apps pulled up and try to find each member of the family's astrological sign!

Family traditions can provide comfort and security. Traditions can be effective during times of change and grief. Maybe you have moved your family to a new state and everything is new and strange for your kids, but at least they know that every Tuesday is still Taco Tuesday and every Saturday morning they can still count on going to the farmers market with the family. For me, when my family and I moved from Michigan to Kansas, we definitely took comfort in our traditions. It's a huge change moving away from all your family. But most of all family traditions create lasting memories. 

The important part is just have fun and cherish all the memories that you get to make with your family. They grow up so fast. I hope that you have been able to take a little something away from this and possibly have added an idea or two for your family.

Wishing you and your family many joyous family traditions to come.

Trish Hodson 



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