Welcome to Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City

Pinnacle Gymnastics Kansas City New Facility

Pinnacle is now located at 7703 Meadow View Drive in Shawnee, KS.  Our 17,700 square foot facility provides the best training available for gymnastics, ninja, and dance athletes.  Please check out some of our new offerings. 

Parking Lot at New Pinnacle

  • When you enter the lot, please turn right and circle the lot from the East to the West
  • This will take you by all of the parking spots and keep traffic moving in the same direction

parking at pinnacle gymnastics

Class Entrance


  • There are cubbies and lockers for customer use just past the girls’ restroom
  • There are dance cubbies upstairs to the right


  • We have new seating that includes two rows of tiered benches and a bar top
  • The bar top is for standing only
  • Please do not sit or place your child on top of the bar top

seating at pinnacle gymnastics

Parent Viewing

  • There are two parent viewing areas – upstairs and downstairs
  • All other rooms are for classes and staff only
  • Please use only the front (South) stair case
  • The back (North) stair case is for emergency use only

We are so excited to share our new home with you.  This move would not have been possible without our amazing staff.  

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