New Gymnastics Skill Requirements at Pinnacle Gymnastics

Pinnacle is excited to announce that we will be implementing new skill requirements for our Recreational and Team Development classes.  The implementation of new skill requirements will mean new skills, drills, and lesson plans for our classes.  Read more about our news skill requirements and our reasoning behind them below.  

New Recreational Skill Requirements

What are Skill Requirements?

Skill requirements are a list of skills that are taught in each level.  Great skill requirements should be:

  1. Progressive - skill requirements should start with basic movements and small sections of skills and progress to complete skills done independently.  You should be able to trace a skill requirement from the beginner level to the advanced level in a slightly more challenging form as the level increases in difficulty.
  2. Equipment Specific - skill requirements in recreational gymnastics may require additional matting, such as a wedge mat, panel mat, or octagon for beginner and even intermediate gymnasts to be successful. 
  3. Realistic - gymnastics is a challenging sport that requires a lot of repetition, strength, and technical skills.  Breaking skills down into pieces allows gymnasts to be successful and move through the levels at the right pace.
  4. Used in Lesson Plans - skill requirements are only effective if they are used in the program's lesson plans.  Without lesson plans, it is hard to track how many times athletes are working on each skill requirement. 

Why the need to change the skill requirements?

Every eight years USA Gymnastics creates a new set of compulsory routines for entry level competitors.  In 2021, gymnasts across the United Stated will begin competing these new routines.  Each time the routines change, the skills are modified to keep up with the changes in the sport.  At Pinnacle, we use the skills in the compulsory routines as a guideline for our skill requirements.  Using these skills as a guideline helps us to safely teach the proper progressions of each skill.  In addition, it helps us prepare our gymnasts for competitive gymnastics if they choose to purse it.  

What skills will my gymnast be working on?

  • 56 Beginner gymnasts work on progressions for the USAG Level 1 skill set
  • Beginner 7+ and 56 Intermediate gymnasts work to master the major skills in Level 1
  • 56 IntermediateAdvanced gymnasts work on Level 2 progressions
  • 56 Advanced, Intermediate 7+ and Red Team Development athletes begin to work the major skills in Level 2
  • IntermediateAdvanced and White Team Development Gymnasts focus on drills and progressions for the Level 3 skill set
  • Advanced and Blue Team Development gymnasts work on Level 3 skill mastery and the introduction of some level 4 skills as well
New Skill Requirements

How does this change what my gymnast is working on?

Many of the skills in your child's class will stay the same.  Skills such as cartwheels, handstands, and backbends are the fundamentals of the sport.  Changes you might notice include: 

  • A greater emphasis on the back hip circle on bars
  • The removal of the stride circle on bars 
  • Additional Handstand progressions on beam 
  • Beginner level back handspring progressions starting in lower levels

Be on the lookout for these new skill progressions in your child's lesson plans.  Directors at the gym will be working hard to make sure every skill progression is incorporated multiple times each month.  We will be working hard to see how many creative drills we can use for skill mastery!   

Advanced Recreational Skill Requirements

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