Kindest Kansas Citians at Pinnacle Gymnastics

Our wonderful coaches are at it again! Eight different Pinnacle students have nominated some of our wonderful staff members for the Kindest Kansas Citian Award through their school. It is truly wonderful to see how our coaches are making a lasting impact in our student’s lives.

The Kindest Kansas Citian Award is given to a person whom the student believes demonstrates acts of kindness throughout their lives. This can be a neighbor, community member, teacher, etc. Each student then draws a picture or writes an essay about how this person demonstrates kindness. Then, at a ceremony, the student presents the award to the nominated person.

Thank you to these students for nominating their coaches! Pinnacle encourages our coaches to be positive role models for each and every student that comes through our doors.

Ami was nominated by Addison
Bridget A. was nominated by Kelsey and Kyleigh
Claire was nominated by Brooklynn
Emily B. was nominated by Ava and Khloe
Jordan was nominated by Berkley
Sydney was nominated by Arabella

We appreciate all the support Pinnacle Gymnastics receives from our community.

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