Where Can I Find a Gymnastics Class?

Finding a gymnastics class that is right for your child is important!  Many factors are important when selecting a facility and class for your family.  Parents are often concerned with location, pricing, and safety.  This guide will help you through those factors and more to answer the question, "Where Can I Find a Gymnastics Class?".

Where Can I Find a Gymnastics Class?

Geography maybe one of the largest determining factors in a family's decision to take gymnastics.  There are more facilities offering gymnastics than you may think!  Here are some tips to find a gymnastics program that is both close and a good fit for you.

Find A Gymnastics Club Close to You

  • Visit the Find A Club page on USA Gymnastics' website.  This site provides a list of clubs in your area based on zip code.
  • Google the phrase "gymnastics near me".  This generates a list of programs that are closest by geography, including non-gymnastics specific locations

Find a Gymnastics Club Worth Your Budget

The cost of gymnastics classes varies by geography, class offerings, facility, and other factors.  Each metropolitan area tends to have a standard range for gymnastics classes.  Most programs charge between $15 and $20 per class.  Many factors go into pricing and should be considered by patrons.

  • Is the club affiliated with USA Gymnastics?
  • What does the facility look like?
  • How has the staff been trained?

where-can-i-find-a-gymnastics-class-teamClubs affiliated with USA Gymnastics must have an owner that is a professional member that includes safety certification, SafeSport instruction, and other gymnastics courses that aid in the safety and development of a gymnastics program

Successful gymnastics programs continue to improve their offerings by upgrading equipment and appearance.  The average life of gymnastics equipment is around 7 years.  Programs older than 7 years should have a mix of old and new equipment - and a fresh coat of paint!

In addition, Look for a club whose coaches are USA Gymnastics Members.  Professional members are background checked while some gyms also have their own screening process for selecting coaches.  Well educated coaches participate in regular training at Regional and National Congresses offered by USA Gymnastics. There are costs to all of these programs that might be passed on to you, but the cost is well worth the benefit.

Find a Safe Gymnastics Program

Safety is a hot button topic for those within the USA Gymnastics community.  Safety goes beyond facility and risk of injury and into the coach/athlete relationship.

  • Ask to see the program's lesson plans
  • Verify staff on hand is CPR, First Aid, and Safety Certified Staff
  • Examine the club's equipment - look for equipment that matches your child's age and ability

where-can-i-find-a-gymnastics-classEspecially relevant, lesson plans are an important part of any program at all levels: preschool, school age, and competitive team.  Lesson plans provide a consistent method of training.  Each level needs both age appropriate and progressive plans based upon the child's skill level.  Ask your potential gymnastics program to see a sample lesson plan as a gauge for their preparedness.

While choosing any extracurricular activity for your child, look for a program with CPR and First Aid Certified staff.  USA Gymnastics takes certification to the next level.  They require a gymnastics specific safety certification for professional members.  While safety certification cannot eliminate risk, it can reduce it.

Equipment should be a top priority when selecting a gymnastics program.  With a wide variety of ages and abilities, having proper equipment is vital to providing a safe training environment.  For example, the industry standard for a preschool balance beam is no higher than hip height.  Examine your potential facility for equipment that matches your child's size - including age and ability.

In conclusion, answering the question "Where Can I Find a Gymnastics Class" is both simple and one that requires research.   Choosing a "close to home" gymnastics facility may seem like the easiest choice, however, looking at the program in more detail will benefit you and your family.

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