5 Things That Have Changed and a Few That Have Stayed The Same

Our customers have been hearing a lot about our 10 year anniversary coming up August 1st. When Pinnacle opened in 2005, I was a young (dare I say "kid"), passionate, and determined college graduate. I had spent the majority of my third year in college figuring out how to graduate early (21 hours in the fall semester helped do the trick) and find a bank that was willing to take a risk on me. Little did I know, I didn't just need a bank, I needed a landlord, equipment supplier, and customer base to have faith in me. Maybe it is because I am persistent to a fault, maybe it helped that banks were lending generously at the time, or maybe it's just how the stars aligned for me, but as all of these items fell into place, so did the birth of Pinnacle.

Check out this evolution of Pinnacle...

DSC00344 2005

Slide Gym 2015

1) Location. Location. Location.
When Pinnacle opened, we occupied the 6,000 square foot center partition of the warehouse building currently occupied by Strike Zone. After 3 years in this space, Pinnacle was fortunate enough to enter a "build to suit" property off 83rd and K-7. This new 12,200+ square foot building has been large enough to provide adequate space and appropriate equipment for each of Pinnacle's programs.

2) The Schedule.
Because I didn't know any different, old Pinnacle operated each class with the same start and end time. We would all warm up together, split to two rotations, and then cool down. While we learned a lot, and had fun, we outgrew this method and now operate on a 10 minute schedule. There is a class starting every 10 minutes from 4:10pm - 7:20pm 4 nights a week! This allows for our classes to have equal time on stretch and take repetitions on all four events every class period. When you look into Pinnacle at 6:00pm, there are a lot of kids! But, it is our organized chaos that makes sure everyone is safe and learning in their class.

DSC00340 First Beam Walk 2005

3) Equipment.
I honestly didn't realize the amazing acquisition of equipment (or how little I operated with in the beginning) until looking back at pictures. We had 3 beams, 2 bars, a vault, a trampoline, a floor, and training mats. That is it. That was enough to run 2-3 classes at a time, however we had to increase our equipment stash to match the demand of our clients. We now have 10+ beams, 12 bars, 2 vaults, 2 tumble tracks, the same trampoline - just in ground now, a foam pit, and much, much, more! Pinnacle strives to keep progressing by keeping high quality and plenty of equipment in the gym.

4) The Lobby.
Who doesn't love bubble gum pink? Maybe the worst color choice I have made at Pinnacle, but if that is the worst decision, no wonder we have survived! In 2005, Pinnacle's lobby was a small, crowded space. Seating was provided by benches and folding chairs. The front desk was only manned between classes - so buy your leotards quickly! Over time, we have added three sets of bleachers (I know they are hard on your bum!) a fully manned front desk, ample cubby space, and a dedicated party room.

Our first lobby

5) What We Do.
Pinnacle started as a recreational gym with low level compulsory athletes. We had classes, open gym, and a few birthday parties. Our offerings met the needs of our customers, but as our customer base grew, we wanted to become a larger part of our families' routines. We started with Parent's Night Out. I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest, Grant. It was such a success that we continued. We also added skill clinics, Gym and Learn, and camps! Now, you can find something to bring the kids to just about every weekend (and a lot of weekdays) at Pinnacle.

And some things that will never change...

1) The Service.
Pinnacle strives to provide the best gymnastics instruction possible while maintaining a balance between fun and discipline. We care about our customers. Listen to their feedback, positive and negative. And work toward an ever-improving program. We would not be here today without the amazing support we have received from our customers and the amazing staff that keep our athletes coming back.

2) The Windows.
At Pinnacle, we have always provided an open viewing environment. In fact, the windows at the current gym are the exact same windows we had installed when we opened. We are confident in the quality of instruction and welcome families and friends to stay and watch as their gymnast develops from a beginner athlete to one with more strength, flexibility, and skill.

3) The Customers.
I am so grateful to be part of such amazing communities! From Western Shawnee, to Southern Olathe, from Eudora, to Bonner Springs. Pinnacle's reach has grown through the trust and confidence that our customers place in our program and staff. Many of our customers (including my first one ever, Jordan Jones) found us through flyers that I walked neighborhoods to place. Now, we welcome many new customers from referrals: the greatest compliments we could receive. As our program has grown, our customers remain just as wonderful as they have always been. We would not be here without you!

Thank you for the last 10 years and cheers to another decade!

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