4 Weekly Activities for Two Year Olds in Kansas City

4 Weekly Activities for Two Year Olds in Kansas City

Terrible twos aren’t so terrible when your active two-year-old is being challenged academically and physically: a tired two-year-old is a less mischievous (and more willing to nap) two-year-old. Every child is different… which activity best suits your little one?

Weekly Activities for Two Year Olds Kansas City

1. Gymnastics

Preschool Gymnastics is a great way to introduce your daughter or son to physical activity at a young age. Gymnastics studios generally offer Parent Tot or Mommy and Me classes that allows the first time gymnastics parent to be directly involved in the formation basic athletic activity. Gymnastics offers a variety of learning tools to help your toddler develop everything from fine and gross motor skills, to social skills.

A typical gymnastics class for a 2-year-old meets once a week and is between 30 minutes and an hour long. Most facilities have age appropriate equipment and structured lesson plans to ensure your child’s success. Trained and energetic staff will help your young gymnast learn basic gymnastic skills like jumping, forward rolls, hanging on a bar, and walking on balance beams. Because gymnastics focuses on basic movement, flexibility, body awareness, and perseverance, many of the skills and lessons can be easily translated to other sports as your child decides which sports they want to pursue.  

Looking for a gym near you? Find a USA Gymnastics member club in your area here!

Two year old gymnastics

2. Kindermusik

Kindermusik is a world-wide program that allows children to learn and grow using the power of music making. This program strives to help every child develop a life-long love of learning. Sing, moving, and playing music not only exercises the body, but it also exercises the brain. Music has the power to boost a child’s ability to learn by igniting neurons in the brain other activities cannot. Kindermusik evokes curiosity through music and promotes physical activity by paring the music with movement. Children in these programs have the opportunity to learn many things like listening to directions, verbal skills, and self-control. Kindermusik has many locations, class times, and class options available in the Kansas City area.

 To learn more and find a class, visit Kindermusik!

Music Classes for Kids

3. Swimming Lessons

Swim lessons can be a fun way to bond with your two-year-old. Some facilities begin swim lessons as young as 6 months. These introductory classes help children form a positive attitude about water at a young age. Parents join the toddlers in the water to learn basic skills such as bubble blowing, breath control, kicking, and floating. Swim lessons are a great way to introduce a child to aerobic exercise. Swimming develops strength and cardio endurance. Swimming also improves cognitive function by encouraging toddlers to follow directions, seek assistance, and develop hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

Try checking your local YMCA for lessons near you!  

Two YEar Old Swim Class

4. Story Time

Reading aloud to your toddler is an important part of their development.  Did you know that "reading aloud to your child strengthens the part of their brain associated with visual imagery, the ability to understand stories and word meaning" ?  Why not make story time even more fun by attending a read-a-loud at your local library?  Your little one will have the opportunity to interact with other children his or her age, and mom and dad will have an opportunity to interact with fellow parents at the same time! 

The Johnson County Library hosts story times that are age specific to match your preschooler's needs: learn more here

Story time for two year olds

Weekly Activities Promote Academic and Physical Growth

Having a routine that involves special time devoted to developing your toddler's brain and body will benefit not just your child but you as well!  Having the chance to interact with your child outside the home, develop a new "favorite" activity, and meet fellow parents is reason to get involved in a weekly activity with your two year old!

Benefits of Two Year Old Preschool

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